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In your relationship, what would your partner do if you came home with a speeding ticket, or if you spent a little too much at the store?

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Without this site, would you even know about domestic discipline?

And would you have a guest post written by the founders of a major domestic discipline website (Learning So read and learn as my awesome guest poster Chelsea and her husband Clint educate us about this lifestyle.

NOTE: I do not specialize in domestic discipline, I have no personal interest in it, so please don’t call me about it on the phone! If you want to learn about domestic discipline, try this book that I found on Amazon that seems from the description like it’s a DD how-to manual.

Someone should really start paying me, because I make my readers’ lives exponentially better.

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If you’ve never heard of domestic discipline, it is a lifestyle choice in which one person is the leader, or head of the household (referred to as the HOH), while the other person is the submissive partner.


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