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These findings appear in a forthcoming sexual health study done by Trojan and the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN).Trojan, the condom brand manufactured by Church and Dwight Co., funded the survey and the Toronto-based SIECCAN developed and designed the academic study.Experts say this points to the rise of the gay community as an indispensable market, with gay people increasingly conscious of their power.

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Now, his smart phone app Blued, a spinoff of his website, created a stir after it pulled in a $30 million cash injection from venture capitalists DCM.

The gay hookup app, China's version of Grindr, is the first such app in China.

Alex Mc Kay, SIECCAN's research coordinator, presented some of the study's findings at the annual Guelph Sexuality Conference at the University of Guelph on June 7.

Asked about their last sex partner, 60 per cent of the men and 70 per cent of the women in the nationally representative sample indicated it was either their spouse, fiancé or an otherwise committed romantic partner.

Last week I joined my mum for a glass of wine in town.

As we sat chatting, a couple of my younger sister’s university friends came in, one of them with her tall, extremely sexy 23-year-old new boyfriend in tow.Her 2011 bestseller, , is a fascinating study of how the same culture that brought us “girl power” has also made every three-year-old want to dress from head to toe in pink and brought about an explosion in the princess industry.As her own daughter grew older, Orenstein began to follow trends even more insidious than the rise of toddlers in tiaras. Teenage girls take dozens of photos of themselves every day.DCM's investment was the largest ever in a gay-related business.Blued is not the first gay app to hit China, but it is certainly the most popular one, currently boasting 10 million users.We exchanged friendly small talk for a bit before they moved off to the bar hand in hand.

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