Intimidating shout spell

So on my warrior Intimidating Shout is missing in fury spec. When i open my spellbook while in Prot spect and I tab over to fury its there. Because at various times, our talent choices mean we have to give up something else (see Rushing Jade Wind and Spinning Crane Kick, etc.).

But when i switch to fury its gone from my hotbar and my spellbook. I'm guessing that because Siegebreaker has a crowd-control element, Blizzard wants you to trade it for access to a fear.

Available at level 10, requires to complete “Cairne’s hoofprint”, “You scream, I scream. .”, “Lordaeron throne room” and rewards 1650 XP and 50 Reputation towards Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity and Darkspear Trolls.

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Traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single syllables beginning with a vowel. In the board game Go the term describes fighting spirit.

The concept has become a notable part of Asian martial arts in popular culture, especially in martial arts films, in writing rendered in variants such as Hi-yah! Students of Japanese martial arts such as aikido, karate, kobudo, kendo, or judo (or related arts such as taiko drumming) use kiai to startle an opponent, intimidate, express confidence, or express victory.

I noticed the "Reinforced Net" with its 80 yard range in you source code already, which is a very specific item.

The 80yd range is checked with the item range of "Reinforced Net" (itemid: 35278). @Sinktinkler: This behaviour is due to how the ranges are determined and how interact based ranges work...

Mobs where this is an issue include Razorscale chained in phase 1 and Kologarn's arms. And, 5~8 yards is displayed, that was not displayed before modification.

While it seems plausible that my target, which in both cases is hovering off the ground, is indeed 9 - 10 yards away, is there (or should there be) a way to know through the Lib Range Check API that I'm in melee range and able to use my melee abilities? Glancing through the code, it seems like it's using my rogue's Eviscerate to check for melee distance, and Eviscerate is certainly in range for these fights. Bash is an instant melee attack, druid can achieve it at level 14 from trainer.You want to keep up good aggro on your enemies by taunting them, using Shield Slam, Heroic Strike and Devastate to reduce their armor.Keep in mind that other useful spells such as Enraged Regeneration, Disarm, Demoralizing Shout, Shockwave, Shield Wall, Spell reflection and other spells will help you keep yourself alive and your enemies crippled. The term is a compound of ki (気) meaning energy or mood, a(u)(合), an emphatic marker.In kendo, for example, a point is only given by the Shinpan (referees) if the hit is accompanied by a strong, convincing kiai.The physical aspects of a kiai are often thought to teach a student proper breathing technique when executing an attack which is a common trait adopted by many other foreign martial arts and combat sports.

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