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The latest official game update for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars adds numerous improvements and fixes.You can either grab it via the in-game updater or from one of the locations below.

That just got a lot harder, making it clear that Oculus is working to prevent its titles from crossing over to the competition.

Cross VR, one of the developers behind the Revive app, posted on Reddit that yesterday's Oculus update includes a new check to confirm the headset is linked to the Oculus Platform DRM in order to prevent non-Oculus hardware from connecting to the system.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of the most popular free-to-play multiplayer shooters in the world.

Pitting Axis against Allies in the ultimate team-based battle for Europe, it features six huge campaign maps, five character classes, and numerous weapons, tools and items.

Medics provide health and revive fallen teammates, as Field Ops use their binoculars to mark enemy positions for a Soldier's mortar barrage.

Each Axis or Allies team can divide itself into smaller fire teams for quick and easy communication using an intuitive messaging system and dynamic command map of the entire battlefield.

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