Updating hp media smart server

Alex explains how to get the latest version of Windows Home Server installed on either a EX485, EX487, EX490, EX495, X510 Data Vault or an LX195.

An excellent read for those of you with one of these servers to make it WHS2011 compatible, which can read here.

Nearly anyone looking for a backup and central storage solution should be able to use this guy.

Comparing refurb to new prices, it costs about $220 to move up from an EX470 to an EX485 and $290 to move up from an EX475 to an EX487.

What I aim to describe in this review is how you can add 750 GB of storage, a more powerful CPU, and upgrade the memory yourself, for between $140 and $155, thereby obtaining performance that is at least on par with newer units for less cost.

The process was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated but the results are certainly mixed.

Obviously this upgrade is not supported by HP given that the EX495 is long since discontinued, but migrating it to WHS 2011 would hopefully be worth the upgrade.

The 2GB of memory also helps dramatically when running, let’s say, a torrent client, a couple of DLNA servers, and i Tunes for the Home Sharing function.

The wild world of rapid-fire phone software updates has spoiled us all, but HP's bringing just a smidgen of that to the world of home servers.

HP Media Smart Server 3.0 Update 1 x64 is a program developed by Hewlett-Packard.

The most used version is, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version.

This is not another how-to guide, but more a look at the experience.


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