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The rapper-turned-reality TV star, 30, was arrested at the Gershwin Hotel early Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Masika Tucker, who also stars on the VH1 series.

During the fight, Berg, whose real name is Christian Ward, is said to have grabbed Tucker, 29, by the throat, dragged her across a hotel room, then punched her in the face.

(YOU AINT WALKING THROUGH BILLBOARD LIVE) we did though. That remark prompted threats of violence from Bow Wow. Not even in Milwaukee.” Bow Wow then continued on about working in Chicago and never seeing Berg in the area. I’m more Chi Town than him.” The rhymer also posted video footage of Berg getting punched by a man in California. I’m just trying to get to the money.” Berg responded to his counterpart’s jabs in an Instagram post that he quickly deleted. Got slapped by a surf boarder and aint DO NOTHING!!!!

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Well, Hazel’s bars (“A definition of a ho is a Yung Berg.

Not Omarion but you will get served”) made their way to Berg and the rapper-producer shared on Instagram, then deleted his response to the diss.

Bow Wow posted a poll on Twitter asking, “Does Chicago claim Young Turd? Berg addressed the nearly decade-old situation back then saying, “Bow got a lot of money. He wrote a detailed caption along with an image of himself kissing Bow Wow’s former fiancee Erica Mena and another photo of himself with Chavis. #turd #chicagodontcondonethisbehavior #masikabeenthehomiesince08 #hazlehadagreattimewithmeinhtownwecool #waybeforeyouhadadeal #DMXdontknowyou #igithomiesfrom YONKERSTHEYDONTKNOWYOU GO TEAR HIS COMMENTS UP!!

The Columbus, Ohio native doubled down on the beef with an early morning social media romp directed at Berg. “I done shot videos at George’s Music Store in the hood. The beef between the two started almost 10 years ago after Berg felt slighted for not getting a return feature request from Bow Wow, born Shad Moss. The former star acknowledges that the issues with Bow Wow stem from the opposite sex. You been softer than mdeicated cotton from jump TURD (this too easy ima chill yall i promise ) getting ran off the block. This chic never ceases to amaze me of what she will do for attention.Karrine shared some pics via Instagram showcasing their undying love for each other. She makes reference to him having the hottest chic in the game wearing his chain.TMZ reports that VH1 was quick to kick Berg off the show because of the severity of the claims.Now rumors are, Teairra Marie is dating Yung Berg to get back at her ex friend Hazel E..YUNG BERG TERMINATED FROM VH1 SERIES LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD Based on the severity of the allegations against Yung Berg, VH1 is terminating its relationship with him in connection with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, effective immediately.

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