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Please support our efforts: your donation helps us to deliver a better product!If you are one of the volunteers contributing to the Libre Office or Document Liberation projects, you should consider the opportunity of becoming a Member of The Document Foundation, by filling the Application Form.

Educators, youth workers and coaches can do this by getting themselves and their schools educated on the warning signs associated with youth suicide and how to help.

Learn more Award winning country group, Rascal Flatts, brought about a very unique program called the “B1 Pledge”.

Students are in the age group that youth suicide directly affects.

It’s important to know what you can do for your classmates, team mates, and friends.

Learn more about Pratham Code for America Google Millions of job seekers rely on America’s publicly funded workforce system, but the process is often confusing and disheartening.

is supporting Code for America to build technologies that help job seekers easily access the resources they need.

In the deep foundation industry, there's no such thing as an overnight success.

It takes years of commitment, backed by a track record of quality and performance, for a company to earn a leadership position in this competitive market. As one of America’s leading deep foundation specialists, Case Foundation Company has the resources and experience you need for the performance you expect.

This program is tailored to quickly and effectively teach all ages how to “B” a friend to someone who may be considering suicide.


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  2. Joel Kahn, a cardiologist, will host Michigan’s first speed dating event where participants can learn about and explore new markets, educational and recreational activities, and business opportunities.

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