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For those not wishing to read further the solution is to use the combination of the CTRL F5 keys within the browser to update the view (i.e.

Hold the CTRL key down then press the F5 key) More Information....

The following mail form [email protected] page build failed with the following error: Page build failed. It may help to confirm you're using the correct dependencies: If you have any questions you can contact us by replying to this email.

But having just removed that update (and rebooted) the problem STILL exists on my PC and there are no other "recent" updates that are showing on my PC. Unfortunately I am out for the rest of the day so hopefully someone else can either confirm or deny my above findings on their PC (especially the bit about removing KB3132372 not fixing the issue, as that was a bit of a shock) If not I will continue on Sunday to try to track down the (my?

My book count and page count stats for the year seems to have stopped updating.

We have a help guide on replicating our Jekyll builds[1], but since you aren't using Jekyll you may want to turn it off entirely by adding an empty file named ".nojekyll" to the root directory in the gh-pages branch.

A .nojekyll file wouldn't have prevented this build failure, but it may help you avoid them in the future. Best regards, John 1: “Page build failed” is not a very precise error message, and the list at is very general.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" I'm pretty sure those states are cached.

I can never remember the cache times for different parts of the site, but it is probably 24 or 48 hours for the stats page.All I need is the files checked out with git submodules.Recently some users are having a problem where when they try to preview their changes in Webplus they do not see the changes in the browser and pressing the F5 key does not update the browser's view of the page.To do that, edit the article in question but make no changes. I'm also trying to null-edit following your suggestion, and noticed that some null-edit pages do not trigger the category to update.If you save the page, it will look like nothing happened (nothing is recorded in the page history or your contributions list), but that bypasses the job queue and forces the page to update based on the new version of the template. Can't see what is different between the changed and the unchanged pages.In our logs the error looks like this: Unable to checkout '9d4365b029fa0ff761de08ed26adcf21716b16e9' in submodule path 'js/panes/slideshow/better-simple-slideshow' You should be able to reproduce the error by running "git submodule update --init" in a fresh clone of the repository.


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