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Ces singles se retrouveront dans son premier album, I Created Disco, publié en 2007.

En 2006, Calvin Harris, âgé de 23 ans, n'arrivant plus à payer son loyer à Londres, retourne dans sa ville natale de Dumfries et travaille quelque temps chez Marks & Spencer.

She acquired so many outfits from the Rue Mc Clanahan had to convince Bea Arthur to take the role of Dorothy Zbornak, telling her, “Why are you going to turn down the best script that’s ever going to come across your desk as long as you live? Back when she was known as Bernice Frankel, she was one of the very first women to sign up for the Women's Reserves before World War II as a typist and a truck driver. She listed her hobbies as hunting with .22 caliber as well as a bow and arrow. Estelle Getty was terrified of death, and Betty White said that Getty would be horrified to film any scenes involving death or funerals.

He repeats this same comment in the last scene of the last episode!

En 2011, il participe à l'album Talk That Talk de Rihanna sur deux chansons : We Found Love et Where Have You Been, avant de sortir fin 2012, son troisième album 18 Months.

The best one is the calling him out on stage with "You slept with the sheriff?

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Ce dernier se classe dixième des classements musicaux britanniques, et est inclus dans le jeu vidéo Just Dance.

Les singles suivants, The Girls et Merrymaking at My Place se classent troisième et quarante-troisième, respectivement, est joué dans plusieurs publicités à la télévision.

Selon les estimations du magazine Forbes, à partir de 2013 Calvin Harris accumule les plus gros revenus pour un DJ.

Mais c'est en 2007 qu'il se fait connaître sur Internet avec son premier single officiel, Acceptable in the 80s.

b: 05-Jul-89 pc: 101 w: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld d: Art Wolff NOTE: In this episode, Jerry refers to Kramer as Kessler, because we later learn in "The Betrayal" this was the name on the buzzer for Kramer's apartment.

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