Trekkie dating tosh o

Todd: I only review songs that chart on Billboard... Okay, I have to have some other excuse not to talk about this song. [Clip of Trekkies doing "Gangnam Style" dance] There are a billion people who do that.

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You have opened my eyes To new words like “Nathibnals”Just what word had you meant there?

‘Cause I really can’t decide A whole new word With new fantastic spellings, too When you spell “Yatch Club” so, from head to toe It makes me feel like screaming A whole new word“Cummunion” written in plain view For as I’m standing here, it’s crystal clear That now I’m going to learn new words from you Unbelievable sight Indescribable feeling My whole psyche is reeling As your spelling hurts my eyes A whole new word It’s ”Fathdays” now for you and me I’ve got a shooting pain, back in my brain Why can’t you write it as it ought to be?

These include: OMG not only can they not spell awesome, but I cringe when people can't spell you're.... " Love, Momther[Editor's note- I think your to critical of they're grammar. Also, I believe the question mark should go outside of the quotes in the previous sentence because I'm crazy like that! Maybe if they stuck some Pocky sticks into the top tier, they could claim it was an intentional crossover. The "Your Ausome" cake, this could be for someone with Autism.

*nod-nod*Also "yatch" sounds like a rather colorful euphemism for a part of the female anatomy and I don't think I want in that club :/ I can't believe that you missed the 'your' on the ausome cake! Ausome is often used in the Autism community to celebrate the uniqueness of those affected instead of being ashamed by it.

Just because it charts, doesn't mean it's a real song. [Footage of a car radio playing "Gangnam Style"] Am I going crazy?! You guys wanna hear me talk about Maroon 5 again, right? "Gangnam Style" will be last year's joke by the time I finish filming and editing this video. Todd: Now, if you haven't seen the video yet, go watch it, but... I'm gonna assume you already know all the funny parts. Todd: That's actually in the realm of possibility, for the record.

[Cut off by Billboard Hot 100 chart, where "Gangnam Style" sits at #2] Okay, that's a fluke, 'cause you can download it on i Tunes, and Billboard counts that. Like, [clip of "One More Night" by...] Maroon 5 got another single. And for Christ's sake, [clip of...] Leno's already done a "Gangnam Style" parody. Now, I like to believe that this unlikely juxtaposition is PSY exposing the inherent misogyny of Korea's materialist culture.

I thought the rest of the cast did an amazing job of being free, even within the constraints that they had, and I was pretty fascinated by that.

I don’t know that I would have done the role, if it was a pre-existing character.

Todd: Gangnam, for the record, is the name of the country's... Like, every part of Gangnam is basically a baller fantasy land, and it's apparently full of social-climbing, nouveau riche sons-of-bitches spending money like [picture of, surrounded by dollar signs,...] Donald Trump if he won [clip of kid in...] the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run. Well apparently, in South Korea, [picture of Starbucks coffee cup = fancy bottle of wine] fancy coffee is like a big status symbol over there.

Todd (VO): From what I've read, that's also basically a huge chunk of South Koreans.

Unless, of course, they were supposed to put something after ausome.. I am more worried about "Your" instead of "You're" on this cake.


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