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Abigail Ratchford, 25, has come a long way from her days juggling three jobs as a paralegal, secretary and bartender - and earning less than 0 a week - in her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

She posted a steady stream of photos - usually of her clad in bikinis, lingerie or sports jerseys to cater to her college-aged fan base - and watched as her Instagram following soared to more than 100,000 in seven months.

The Made In Chelsea star is often seen stripping down to treat her social media followers to many a racy snap.

In fact, both parties have discussed having kids and creating a family of their own one day. "Bradley and Irina couldn't be in a happier place in their relationship," an insider shared with E! "They have gotten to know all of the little things about each other during this trip to Italy.

Their attraction for each other just keeps on getting stronger and they always want to be in each other's corner."Can't wait to see what the next season holds for these two!

The star was clearly braless in the outfit, with the back totally exposed.

The gown was also low-cut, giving onlookers a glimpse of her ample assets.

Fans were loving the photo, with it attracting more than 4,900 likes.

THANKS to her nearly 8 million followers on Instagram, this curvy bikini babe is making bank.

From there, she started reaching out to local photographers, offering her modelling services and online exposure in exchange for shoots.


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