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“Beer goggles” as the term goes, are a frequent topic in sitcoms and — if you’re unlucky — an occasional topic over an uncomfortable brunch.Mythbusters has even dedicated a segment to the occurrence, in which hosts Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage and Kari Byron judged the attractiveness of people while sober, buzzed and drunk. The question is: Are beer goggles a real phenomenon? In 2003, a team of British researchers released a landmark study in the scientific journal Addiction.In this study, they brought 80 heterosexual college students to either a bar or restaurant and had them look at — and then rate the attractiveness of — pictures of both men and women.

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The attractiveness ratings did NOT increase when the inebriated men and women judged photographs of the same sex. Although this study was the first to prove the existence of beer goggles, it’s hardly the last.

Consuming alcohol appeared to be enough to change the attractiveness of potential romantic partners. Below are only a few examples of studies that looked at alcohol’s effect on romance: What is it about alcohol that makes us more inclined to romance?

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If you write more than 10 lines about this classic, you are taking it way too seriously. Anything that follows is/was a pretender or copycat.

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