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There are multiple strains of HIV out there, some more malignant than others, and combining the strains can be very dangerous and lead to new difficult to treat strains of HIV. I’m done with the Public Service Announcement so you may resume your perusal of Mr. Check out more boo-tay-licious photos of Jack at Monroe Land which is, of course, highly unsafe for most work places…

And geography is a bit of an issue, but we’ll see where it goes.

His recent work includes: Through these programs, and others, Mackenroth has a proven ability to effectively navigate the HIV/AIDS media landscape in the US.

Although he was a late bloomer and had trouble fitting in by the time he reached high school, he began to express himself through sewing. I hung out with all the alternative kids at school, and we all made our own clothes and cut our own hair," he says.

At the time, it really irritated my mother, but look at me now!

(As snarky posters have pointed out, it’s just like Grindr only without the lying about HIV status…) Jack Mackenroth Photo: Justin Monroe/Monroe Land We sort of cautiously think this is a good thing for HIV positive gay men but only as long as all the men involved are completely honest about status and they still play safe.

There’s a mistaken impression by many people that it’s ok for poz men to NOT practice safe sex but it’s actually even more important that they do, since it’s very possible for one HIV poz man to infect another HIV poz man with his own particular strain of HIV.

And then we bumped into each other at the OUT100 party and clicked. We're just gonna roll with it and see what happens.

I like keeping it incestuous, keep it in the Bravo family." Added Levitski: "Yeah, we randomly met over Myspace.

Judging by these photos, he’s hitting the gym 12 hours a day while he’s been co-creating a new dating/hook up site for HIV positive men.

has launched and it’s designed as a website exclusively for gay men who are HIV positive and looking to date/mate with other HIV positive men.

This is also a testament to his ability to remain relevant and influential as the media climate rapidly evolves.

His ability to continually reinvent his brand is augmented by his social media marketing skills and a strong presence on multiple platforms including a compelling personal website ( and huge followings on Facebook (250,000 friends and subscribers to his fan pages) and Twitter @jackmackenroth (over 108,000 followers and multiple recognitions).

And then we bumped into each other at the OUT100 party and clicked. We’re just gonna roll with it and see what happens.

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