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(Sophos should identify and block the attachment, so this mail shouldn’t make it through our email system, […] Issue with Windows Security Center and Sophos We’ve been advised of an issue where under certain circumstances Windows Security Center may report that Sophos Antivirus is not updating, even though it otherwise appears to be.It’s not clear at this stage under which conditions this is occurring.

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Using the information from the KBase article, I was able to update my existing method for building an installer package for deploying Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus for Mac 9.2.x. Prerequisites: A copy of the Sophos Installer application and the Sophos Installer Components directory from your Sophos server.

The Sophos installer application should be available inside from your Sophos Enterprise server using an address similar to that shown below: Credentials to mount the Sophos Update share on your Sophos Enterprise server Credentials to download Sophos updates from Sophos, in the event that the Sophos AV client is unable to connect to your Sophos Enterprise server Packages 5.

This stores the login information for your Sophos server.

Once the updateconfig.plist file has been created, a standard Apple installer package can now be created to install Sophos. Set up a new Packages project and select Raw Package. In this case, I’m naming the project Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus 9.2.4 3.

Sophos have gone from being one of the best Mac enterprise anti-virus solutions to (perhaps) the worst. Multi-platform organisations are likely to have a Windows server (or more than one) and can therefore run Sophos Enterprise Console to create and manage a Mac installer for Sophos Anti-Virus. Previously Mac only organisations could use Sophos Update Manager to do much the same on a Mac server.

Unfortunately SUM only supports SAV8 and does not support SAV9.

I had previously written about deploying Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus for Mac 9.2.x, but I was recently notified that the method I had been using would stop working in a future release of Sophos.

Sophos has a KBase article about pre-configuring their installer application with the Auto Update settings, but I also wanted to be able to deploy Sophos using an installer package.

Sophos incorrectly labeling Google sites as malware Earlier today we received notification that Sophos was reporting malware in Google links included in ANU and other pages.

This was a false positive report, which should now be resolved. Fake Conficker alert emails Sophos are reporting emails doing the rounds containing “advice” about the Conficker worm.

Authorized users will always be able to download the latest version of the SAV software onto the target system directly from Computing Services' highly available servers.


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