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The people telling the truth have no problem with you verifying that they are who they say they are. Use all websites that are available like public courts, google, etc.

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Physically, you probably don’t look much different to how you looked in your twenties.

So if you still look attractive why is it so difficult to attract the right kind of person for you now when you’re dating over 30?

Some live near YOU as we have many thousands of members from all over the UK. There are lots of our members in YOUR area who feel like you do. All our members have one thing in common - they want to chat to YOU and have some FUN! Click here to start your FREE Fun over 30 membership trial.

Then you can search our vast database of men and women over 30 and see who lives in your area before getting in touch with anyone.

You can search through our members in YOUR own area before you upload your own profile and photograph (optional). Fun over 30 members contact each other by chatting in our instant message room or make a date straight away if they feel like it. We have thousands of members of all ages in almost EVERY area of the UK. We all lead busy lives and it is all to easy to get stuck in a rut. Chat and message online to a potential new date NOW in our message room.

There is no need to be on your own if you don't want to be. They would love to chat online or maybe meet you for a date. Making new friends for a date can be really hard, unless you meet up online first and chat. We've got thousands of UK dating members who are looking to meet someone just like YOU for a chat or for a date. Join us by entering your details above then pressing the blue button. You can search your own area as soon as you register. It's 100% safe and secure as you never release your own email address or mobile number unless YOU are ready. We have thousands of members of all ages who are looking to meet someone just like you - Some just wish to make some new friends online - some are looking for a casual relationship and some are looking a long term loving relationship.Did we also say our service is 100% secure & confidential too? Catch up with your messages on the go with the Singles Over Thirty mobile site.No need to install clunky apps on your phone, just hit our website in your mobile browser and hey presto, you've got your Singles Over Thirty account with you weverwhere you go. By listening to my inner voice, I was able to finally connect the dots and find out that he was lying and was married. Finding quality single men and single women gets hard once you hit thirty. We can show you a better, safer way to meet the types of professional singles that you deserve to meet.A few weeks ago I met someone online that seemed like a good guy and I enjoyed his company. Now you might ask, how did I find out because he certainly didn't tell me?


  1. Except here in the forums, where there is sure to be a good train wreck every few days. Not so much fun sitting around waiting for some guy to decide he likes your profile, then the "games" begin.

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  3. Most of these party lines offer free trials so you can try them before you subscribe.

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  7. We're quite confident that we've got something for everone here.

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