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You miss him, but (because of his past bad behavior) you don’t trust him. He doesn’t really want you back in life—but he wants to see if he can get a lovesick reaction out of you.

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The next day, however, once you're in a more sober and socially aware state, you will reach for your phone and find a truly terrifying transcript of your thought process. Whatever the reasoning or motive was behind the text, the evidence of it exists in plain sight – comprehendible or not.

Before we go further, it's only fair to let you in on my most embarrassing drunk text: the text of all texts; the one that will haunt me forever.

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So often in the summer then we went to this clearing. Stripped down to the goal sat naked on a bike and raced across the field. Naked guys on the great, dick erect, but we are so excited.

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You think that this texting might possibly mean that he still loves you.

It feels like he is testing the waters to see how angry you are at him, or if maybe you’ll consent to a late night visit.

Some are hilarious, some get us in trouble and some leave us wanting to run away.


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