Sex dating in cooksville illinois - Growth of online dating sites

The pullback in consumer spending hasn't slowed down the industry at all: if anything it seems to have made Americans more eager to settle down.

Dating revenues can be significant earners for media owners.

But there are advertising revenues to consider as well.

It's estimated that 15% of Americans have used dating websites or apps, with numbers expected to rise in the next many years. Marketers have played a huge role in helping this industry grow from simple online personals to complex platforms with millions of users. New innovations and a growing user base now give marketers more data than ever to play with in online dating. No website has found the magic method of creating a love connection.

“This is a total virgin science,” Brooks quips with a restrained laugh from his deck in Malta.

With access to skilled designers, researchers and journalists they are in a position to explain and build trust.

More importantly perhaps, they have massive audiences that they can tell about online dating and persuade them to buy.

And that is something powerful media brands can help with. Many people worry about the idea of dating services, and online dating especially.

After all about 15 million single adults don't use dating sites! Their endorsement will add credibility to a dating site: if it is run by a well known media owner it must be safe, mustn't it!

Target marketing, changing demographics, and decreasing stigma about online dating are continually bringing new users to fore.


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