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Kaya FM 95.9 programming contains news, sport, and topical driven issues as well.

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If the Radio is extremely choppy and stops every 5 seconds, try listen to this Radio at different time.

Not all Radio Stations function for 24 hours everyday.

If you can't listen to any Radio, try to listen at different time, as the Radio Station may stop during midnight according to its own country time zone.

Kaya FM was launched in August 1997, and was one of the first frequencies to be approved for private commercial radio in South Africa.

A South African FM radio station that follows a Top 40 music format and is owned by SABC, South Africa's public broadcaster. It's payoff line is "The Power of 5" Broadcasting to Cape Town’s metropole and surrounding areas, Heart 104.9FM taps into the sexy, sassy, sussed and sincere heart of the city, giving it a genuine Cape Town feel.

It is the smartest way to talk to Capetonians, offering affordability and fantastic return on investment.

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Spend six nights from 28 August to 4 September at the deluxe Nusa Dua Beach Hotel located on a beautiful expanse of white sand beachfront.

Cape Town's leading music focused interactive lifestyle radio station, whose contemporary hit radioformat provides a music mix of R&B, Pop, Soft Rock, Hip Hop, Dance and the best South African Music.

The Good Hope FM targets young, global, routed and now generation listeners Broadcasting on 1422 medium wave, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from Johannesburg.

The music format offers a mix including Adult Contemporary music and Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Contemporary Jazz.


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