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“It’s been my life since I was 14.” But you won’t see Hall riding a vintage Harley in “Harley and the Davidsons,” in which he plays Arthur Davidson, who co-founded the Milwaukee-based company in 1903 with his older brother Walter (Michiel Huisman, Daario from “Game of Thrones”) and their friend, engineer Bill Harley (Robert Aramayo).“That was a story choice,” says Hall of not riding in the movie.He's appeared in TV shows like “CSI: Miami” and “Masters of Sex.” He's also been in the made-for-TV movie “Get a Clue” with Lindsay Lohan.

So he was psyched for his role in “Harley and the Davidsons,” Discovery’s three-part miniseries about the birth of the iconic motorcycle — and the men who created it. I’ve been [on a motorcycle] cross-country from LA to Florida about 10-plus times and I’ve ridden from LA to Texas tons of times over the years,” says Hall, 31.

“If I wasn’t working on [an acting project] I was on a bike on a long ride somewhere.

Here are some photos of him that'll make you wonder where all the time has gone.

Adam Pliskin is the Entertainment Writer for Elite Daily.

so I had a good footing and could really dig into who Arthur was.

“Most of your favorite Westerns were taking place around the same time. They never quit — they were ‘Never say die’ kind of people.” In capturing the ascension of the “motorized bicycle” industry — Harley-Davidson’s main rival was the Indian Motorcycle Company — the miniseries features scenes at motordromes, turn-of-the-century race tracks made out of wood. Those things literally were like a gladiatorial blood sport,” says Hall.

The actor's name is Bug Hall, and he's 30 years old.

Naturally, Bug looks nothing like his 9-year-old self.

For one thing, he didn't have a massive lumberjack beard back in those days.

But, Hall has kept busy acting since his debut in the “Rascals” flick.

“I did get on one [bike] in the beginning [of the shoot] for training purposes.

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