Accommodating for

These people will use phrases such as ‘tell me’, ‘let’s talk it over’ and will be best able to perform a new task after listening to instructions from an expert.

You know, if we already have public sex taking place, why not acknowledge that as a fact and kind of plan for that?

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Better and softer foam kits are now available but in those days they tended to be on the firm side.

In order for the patient to get comfortable the caregiver had to get them exactly placed.

One of the many challenges to proper data center design is trying to accommodate for future changes, and do so in a practical way.

Growth is often the reason behind change, and while that is inherently a good thing, IT budgets often don’t see that same rate of increase.

Amid the uproar over videos that show a United Airlines passenger being forcibly pulled from his seat and dragged off a flight that was overbooked, the carrier’s CEO Oscar Munoz issued a statement apologizing for ” having to re-accommodate” customers on the flight.

The internet has, of course, redefined that word for the airline many times over.

She points to Vondelpark in Amsterdam as an example, which allows public sex as “long as patrons do not litter, do not engage in sexual activities near the playground, and limit public sex to evenings and nighttime.” “When considering seemingly conflictual use of parks, the problem is not public sex, and it certainly isn’t cruising,” she says.

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