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When ballots are delivered to King County Elections, the signature on each envelope is scanned by our mail sorting machines and sent electronically to the signature verification team.

Once the signatures have been reviewed and accepted, we prepare envelopes for the opening process by cutting the top of the envelope for easier ballot extraction.

Staff working at these stations during an election also perform regular administrative duties in between serving voters who visit the center.

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In my tests, the indicator is turned on and I can't figure out a way to do this without turning on the light.

So far, I'm assuming that if someone broke into my computer and turned on the webcam, I'll know that.

Check… And note that I'm not yet talking about former Adobe Flash security issues that enabled camera use without indicating activation (read: while leaving the activity-indicating light off). If the camera's power circuit includes an LED then how could one power the camera without powering the LED?

I know there is a link in the above comment, but that is for a peripheral device, not an integral laptop camera.

So turning off the light seems like it will become a common issue.

See…The answer is absolutely wrong! You're forgetting about the fact that it doesn't take firmware, but only a simple change in system configuration (as malware would be able to change). LOGITECH WEBCAMS as an example DO NOT need firmware changes to have their light disabled! I'm not trying to troll this answer, but I don't really see why this isn't just hyperbole.

Ballots with signature issues are held in secure storage and cannot move forward until the signature is verified. Sorting does not happen every day, or at all hours.

If there is no live stream or no activity in the ballot sorting area, please check back again at another time or day.

As usual, Steve did a great write up – including some really “punny” groaners… As the Recap mentions I’ll be sending emails to all who pledged with links on how to fulfill your pledge, give me your T-shirt info, and have another shot at guessing the 100th species we tallied, because no one got it. We have to annually raise about 5,000 to make it all happen. Pete 04/12/17 I was pulling in some loose ends of things I needed to get done on Starr Ranch before heading off to MI early tomorrow to do my annual inspection and repair of Osprey platforms on Fletcher Pond, near Alpena/Hillman.

So if you’re enjoying watching the cams and like what we are doing at Starr Ranch, I hope you’ll help me make this year’s Birdathon a big success. I’ll be posting some pics later about all this because it’s a really great project.

I think they wound up nesting in a cavity somewhere a few hundred yards south of it.


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