Hg close branch without updating

I made changes on one machine, committed them, and attempted to push them to the remote repository BUT I forgot to f I'd like to make a commit and close its branch, without removing it from history.

I use the ” tree, confusing your entire team (but don't worry, we'll return to this horror scenario later).

However, it's more likely that you'll notice immediately, because Mercurial will display the URL it's pulling from, or you will see it pull a suspiciously large number of changes into the repository. Because a rollback eliminates history, there's no way for the disappearance of a change to propagate between repositories.

It is still possible t I'm using Cent OS 6.4, and did sudo yum install mysql-workbench-community.x86_64 That installed My SQL workbench version 6.1When I launch the application it lists My SQL Connections, and has a box for Local instance 3306.

When I double click that box the (I am a relative newcomer to Tortoise Hg, so bear with me :-) I use Tortoise Hg on two machines to talk to my remote source repository.

Simple question: is there a way to revert --all from Tortoise Hg workbench? Ideally, I could click on a revision, and from the right mouse menu find a "revert all" item.

I'm using Tortoise Hg 2.8 on a Ubuntu I am using mercurial HG with a SVN subrepo.

I have the following git environment in bitbucket:master (prod)env/stageenv/qaenv/dev All env branches pr I've finished working on a feature branch feature-x.

I want to merge results back to the default branch and close feature-x in order to get rid of it in the output of hg branches.

To err might be human, but to really handle the consequences well takes a top-notch revision control system.

In this chapter, we'll discuss some of the techniques you can use when you find that a problem has crept into your project.

My problem is when trying to merge or update revisions in my root repository using the Tortoise HG workbench.


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