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There is also another macro that coverts text to columns (I didn't get JSON parseing functioning). I've also put together a function that accepts street addresses and returns ICP's if that is of interest... Regards, Malcolm -------------GETICPDETAIL FUNCTION FOR WINDOWS EXCEL------------------ Hi Malcolm, Thanks, I went down the text to columns lots of formatting route for a while, but then ended up getting JSON parsing working.

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This may cause your workbook to recalculate too often, which will slow down performance.

You can prevent Excel from recalculating the workbook by using the statement: An individual item of a collection object may be accessed by either its name or by its index into the collection.

Status Bar = "" End Sub You can suppress the Waning alerts by disabling the display alerts.

Situation 1: When you are deleting a sheet using VBA, Excel popup a warning message.

When the macro finishes, set the calculation mode back to automatic.

Here are the example codes to control the Events, Screen Updating, Progress Bar, Display Alerts and other Application Objects.

To turn off screen updating, use the following statement: The range is filled much faster, and you don’t see the result until the macro is finished running and screen updating is (automatically) set to True.

When you’re debugging code, program execution sometimes ends somewhere in the middle without your having turned Screen updating back on.

Maybe there is another option that I am not aware of that might work also?


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