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On the morning of March 7, someone phoned the community centre, which contains several day schools, a large fitness centre and community space, and threatened that the location would be bombed.

Staff evacuated 600 occupants of the centre in less than seven minutes and held out for several hours before police and firefighters swept and eventually declared the building safe.

(2003), explored Russian literary life in interwar France, the epicenter of the anti-Soviet emigration whose cultural elite found in French artistic and intellectual traditions creative means to resist Stalinist culture.

As a corollary to this project, I published a volume of documents, (2010), examined of the exiled intelligentsia’s contribution to the aesthetic, philosophical, and political debates in interwar France.

In 1999-2001, I have taught Russian language, literature, and culture at Grinnell College (Iowa), Middlebury College (Vermont), and Davidson College (North Carolina), before assuming my present position at the University of Toronto, where I have taught, since 2001, Russian and Comparative literature and Jewish studies.

My current research stems from previous projects whose results appear in several books.

En général, les migrants de seconde migration sont mieux armés pour le mode de vie et l’économie occidentale et ont plus de points d’ancrage dans la société canadienne que ceux qui arrivent directement de l’ex-URSS.

The community of former Soviet Jews in the Greater Toronto Area has considerably expanded over the last 15 years reflecting both immigration from the former Soviet Union (FSU) and re-migration of Russian Jews from Israel.

Les récits collectés pour cette étude portent sur différents points : causes de la migration vers le Canada, difficultés d’entrée sur le marché du travail canadien, perception des niveaux de vie, difficultés spécifiques aux couples d’immigrants, aux jeunes et aux personnes âgées, liens transnationaux avec d’autres branches de la diaspora juive russe.

Les résultats indiquent des différences notables entre les deux groupes, en particulier dans l’adaptation au marché du travail et les processus familiaux.

Metropolitan Tel Aviv, with 2.5 million Jews, is the world's largest Jewish city.

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