Dating longcase clocks

have had dealings with every type of grandfather clock imaginable in my 30 years in the industry - including, of course, antique grandfather clocks ("longcase" or "tallcase" clocks).If you wish to gain information about a specific grandfather clock from one of my galleries, please use the contact page to do so.

Delivery and setting up of this clock is free to an destination on the UK Mainland.

There is also a one year guarantee Clock has been in same family for 100 years.

Longcase clocks generally have a 'seconds' (or Royal) pendulum - that is to say the pendulum (around 39 inches to the centre of the bob) takes exactly one second to swing in each direction.

Often 8-day clocks have a subsidiary seconds hand and some from around 1710 may feature automata, too, such as Old Father Time (Image 1) or a ship that rocks back and forth.

Overhauling a longcase movement takes a lot of time and special tools and equipment, like small and large lathes, bushing machine, large depthing tool and countless special hand tools.

I strip these movements completely to clean the parts individually in an ultrasonic tank of solvent to remove all the dirt and congealed oil before looking for signs of wear and checking that the wheels, pinions and pallets engage properly.If the wear is excessive, I will also redress worn pallets, burnish (or replace) pivots and rebush worn pivot holes, replace teeth or whole wheels, and if required I will then finish all the parts with French chalk to give the brass a good lustre before re-assembly and oiling.I will fit new ropes or gut lines unless the existing ones are in tip-top condition. Superior quality "London" flame mahogany case with keystone centred "double breakarch" top, bridge top trunk door, breakarch brass dial and fine quality 5 pillar movement. Typical "Bristol" long door mahogany case with swan neck pediment.Signed James Barton Prescot to 'rainbow' at top of arch.As soon as grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks came into being and people wanted them in their own homes, watch and clockmakers found plenty of work in their own areas.


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