Adult cruise dating services

Whether you want to enjoy the relaxed vibe of an all-inclusive resort, sail the seven seas on a cruise with hundreds of lesbians, or immerse yourself in the culture of a new destination, we have a vacation that’s sure to fit your style.The Olivia Experience is about women having fun together, making friends – and maybe even finding that special someone.

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You’ll unpack just once and your fare covers most everything.

Enjoy an included daily tour, all meals, and wine and soft drinks with dinner.

Alcohol, soft drinks, gourmet food and a wide array of activities are included, of course. On a river cruise, you’ll experience everything up close and personal.

Add unparalleled Olivia entertainment – and WOW – you’ve got an unforgettable vacation experience. Olivia chooses the best riverboats and customizes each itinerary.

Events and activities often include games, speed dating events, social gatherings, dance lessons, parties and guided on-shore tours.

Some singles cruises also offer pre-cruise events, where singles can get to know each other before the actual cruise itself. Each singles cruise company will differ in their policies and what is covered within their fee.

Unfortunately, this "supplement" normally ends up being a fee so exorbitant that many singles would rather room with a stranger to save the extra cash.

Unless you specifically ask for a room to yourself (and pay the accompanying singles supplement), you will most likely be paired with another single of the same sex to room with.

We embraced it and started connecting with people in a way we hadn’t focused on in a long time……ORGANICALLY. We were actually meeting people on the ship organically instead of electronically.

Without the ability to geographically “search” the Internet for potential singles we found ourselves actually connecting person to person in real time with conversations and EYE CONTACT!!

Some travel agencies hire an onboard tour manager/singles host who looks after the needs of the senior singles group.


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