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believe in living life and experiencing all it has to offer.

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Kenya is the home of 40 different African ethnicities including Luhya, Somali, Kalenjin tribes, Luo and Kamba.

Given the amount of diversity it’s not surprising that thousands of people are signing up to Kenya women & men dating & chat websites.

It’s easiest to picture if you think of a Hogwart’s robe.

It’s meant to be worn over your clothes, but what’s under is your business, sister, so suit yourself. ) *Update: In the time since I first wrote this, I grew to wearing the headscarf most of the time when I was shopping in the souks or out walking around.

(I have, however, provided links to blog posts that go further on each topic, in case you’re interested.) Is it really hot there? The annual weather cycle is pretty similar to Phoenix, Arizona, with half the rainfall. Winters are mild and sunny, with cool nights and light-sweater days.

Do you have to wear…(vague head-to-toe hand gesture)? It’s a black gown that reaches from collar to floor and out to the wrists.

Kenyan women often exceed in areas of fashion, writing, design and business, to name a few.

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