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Our accommodation in Boise, Idaho is located in the city’s most interesting areas, close to major tourist sights, as well as other important attractions.

The rest of the nation might believe you spent all your time harvesting potatoes, but at least you actually know how to pronounce the word “Boise”.

In fact, Idaho is a lovely state full of lovely people, but of course you know this because you live here.

Many Boiseian singles probably don't realize that online dating services are one of the easiest ways to meet other single Boise men and women.

Internet services feature localization and matching technology to locate the many people that live nearby better than the small local city matchmaking web sites and Boise metro personals.

Those looking to rent apartments in the BSU area will find that the surrounding city has much to offer in the way of recreation and leisure.

One of the first attractions apartment renters in the BSU area should visit is the Old Idaho Penitentiary.

From romantic walks through cultured gardens to rugged outdoor adventures to cultural events to nightcaps in clubs, this city offers a diverse range of activities and rendezvous for couples seeking intimacy.

A tranquil day in the City of Trees begins in vibrant, colorful gardens.

Settlers were being attacked and the fort was deemed necessary to keep people safe.

When Idaho became a state in 1890, Boise was named the capital.

For those with children in tow, a trip to the Discovery Center is a real treat.


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