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He says he wants us to be together in the longterm too.

The only thing I’m having a tough time with are his friends.

And my family, mom in particular, is already dropping wedding hints.

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He always builds them up before I meet them by saying: "You’re just gonna love so-and-so", and then when I meet the friend, they’re mildly offensive and nothing like him.

So far, almost every single one of them is kind of a prick and a player.

I am dating a pretty cool guy who is very sweet and attentive.

I like him a lot and can see us becoming a solid couple.

You know those people who look you in the eye while you’re speaking, but then respond with some totally unrelated thought as though they weren’t actually listening to you at all? It’s no surprise that a man who picks up on both your verbal and non-verbal cues outside of the bedroom is more likely to do so in the heat of the moment.

Great listening skills often translate into hot sex.As I mentioned earlier, I’m in a relationship now and I’m very happy.We’ve been together for a bit and things are good, no problems, no stress.So if he is genuinely engaged at the dinner table, there is a good chance he’ll be equally attentive and responsive in bed. Think his obsession with baseball borders on unhealthy?While there are exceptions to this rule (obviously our sexual style is influenced by an amalgam of factors), strong communication skills, which are the foundation of any good sexual relationship are underpinned by the ability to listen and respond to your lover’s needs. Or is he the type of guy that gets worked up talking about a project he is managing on the job? Getting all riled up about work, sports, a hobby or politics may be a sign that he’ll be a passionate lover.Why is a woman judged by her sexual experience and past?


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