Uniform datingf sex dating in pleasant lake minnesota

Whatever the reason, a person in uniform is a big turn on to a lot of people.Providing an online venue for those looking for love in the ‘uniformed’ sector, is Uniform Dating.It’s the one stop online destination for those in uniform to meet those that seek them.

However, (and luckily for all the other deserved uniformed workers), the survey showed that the appeal of “uniform dating” isn’t just limited to stethoscopes and bedside manner.

After doctors, the most desirable male Sydneysiders in uniform were: Firefighters, Police, Pilots, Lifeguards, Nurses, Navy Officers, Paramedics (interesting! As for females in uniform, the list went: Nurse, Air Steward, Doctor, Police, Pilot, Firefighter, Airforce Officer, Lifeguard (oh, Pamela – forever etched on our minds), Navy Officer and then, Army Officer.

Smitten kittens, I'm currently chilling in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia where my older brother is serving in the Navy. Fact: a dude rocking a uniform looks immensely hotter than he would if he were wearing plain clothes.

Today, the crew of his ship has invited loved ones out for a Family Day Cruise. Seeing all of these uniformed sailors (save for my brother, of course! Firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, even lifeguards wearing county-issued board shorts seem to exude this extra hot factor when they're suited in their official attire. Often men in uniform must abide by certain grooming standards (close shaves or neatly-trimmed hair) and the creases of their starched clothing are far more impressive than anything my ironing skills could conjure up.

__So then, is it the sense of duty that a uniform represents?

Darlings, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I couldn’t know exactly why some people love those whose profession supplies and maintains a dress code.

It could be related to one’s desire to be around someone in authority. Or maybe it’s the desire to be around someone who’s dressed up in a nice predictable manner.

You could say that uniform-wearers are the ideal date for those seeking something serious – and for any single person who is looking for Mr or Ms Right, this information could be a game-changer!

Let’s take in some other interesting factoids: In NSW, almost a third of Sydneysiders said that males in their medical garb were their preferred kind of uniformed professional, with nurses coming in a close second.

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