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You’ve all been patiently waiting and today we can finally bring you the news that the four cellos will be packed up and heading over to North & South America later this year!So prepare yourselves for the Plays Metallica By Four Cellos Anniversary ...“‘Not Strong Enough’ was one of the early songs in the process of the production for ‘7th Symphony,'” Toppinen told Noisecreep.

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If you think your life is crazy busy, then you haven’t spent a day in the shoes of Sixx: A. Sometimes when he wakes up in the morning he doesn’t even know which city he is in. alone, he has helped Nikki Sixx give birth to a soundtrack to his horrible days as a drug-addicted superstar locked away in a closet, paranoia squeezing the life out of him, slowly but surely.

Not only does he sing, play some guitar and help create songs with fellow bandmates Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba, but he is also a producer, engineer and songwriter working with numerous other artists.

In May, the band released to coincide with the publication of Sixx’s book of photography of the same name, and again the songs intertwine themselves into the very heartbeat of life.

From the breathtaking melody and words of “Skin” to the easy peacefulness of “Sure Feels Right”, the almost bitter pill of “This Is Gonna Hurt” and the enchantment of “Smile”, Sixx: A. is fast becoming THE rock band of the new millennium. Because guitar acrobatics and pulsating melodies are not the only things that make a rock band a rock band.

Thank goodness for planners, otherwise he would be running around in circles. Darkness was consuming the songs on what would become , but with Michael, he helped pull out the hope in Sixx’s resurrection, which in turn has given hope to many listeners.

If you are not familiar with this man of many achievements, then you are missing out on a rare talent who is actually more comfortable turning knobs in the studio than standing on a stage in front of a few thousand people who are showering him with adulation. With songs such as “Life Is Beautiful”, “Tomorrow” and “Accidents Can Happen” words have become powerful affirmations to a life that in reality can indeed be beautiful.

We wanted to write instrumentals where nobody’s feeling ‘Oh, it’s great, but where are the vocals?

’” At the same time, 7th Symphony contains songs that rock harder than anything they’ve done since 2001 when they released the epic, transfixing album Cult, their first album to contain mostly originals.

Later this week, we are doing the Nerd Dating Game for the very first time ever! He's a self-professed nerd who has a hard time finding ladies who are into him. I quit wasting time because I didn't let my own lonelines or desperation get the better of me anymore. They start thinking stuff like, "Well I know I'm kinda nerdy and chill and she seems like she wants a dude who gets arrested once a month, rides a crotch rocket and drinks 12 energy drinks every day because he's so EXTREME, but maybe she will change her mind, change what she likes, change who she is, and decide she wants to hang out with me instead!

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