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This powerful application features many tools to bring order to the experience of being at the computer, now you will have all at your fingertips even if you need to have many applications opened.

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AOL Canada Client Software 9.0 Whether you connect to the Internet by high-speed or by dial-up AOL 9.0 brings together everything you want to do online into one simple package, including e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing and more. The new AIM is available for Mac, PC, i Phone, Android and on the web.

It also features built-in tools that automatically block viruses, spammers and scammers to help protect you and your family. AIM gives you: . Fun, easy group chat. Instant display of videos, images and tweets. Social notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AOL Mail and Gmail. Get all your social network updates in one place with Lifestream You can also connect your Facebook chat and Google Talk accounts to talk to friends on those services.

Wherever you go, AIM is the best way to talk to friends, family and all the people that matter to you most.

Requires Windows XP or later More From AOL Mobile Send to Cell -- Take your favorite AOL sites with you when you're on the go AIM® for Windows Mobile -- Stay connected with AIM on your Windows Mobile smartphone AIM® TXT -- Access AIM using text messages AOL Mobile services may require a wireless data plan and charges from your wireless carrier may apply.

You will not lose your AOL screen name if you don't advance to Desktop Gold.

Speaking of screen names: Each primary account user can have six other screen names under his or her primary account.Highlights include: AOL Desktop is a complete AOL Internet package for your Mac. AOL is reaffirming its commitment to Mac users with the first beta release of a brand new, all-in-one Web software, now available for download: AOL Desktop for Mac.I have an AOL account and access this via AOL's software front end for email and account management etc.Thirty years ago, Commodore was the top-selling computer in America, and it's what I used to write the computer column back in those days. At one point, that free membership was worth a month, when computer users who wanted to get online had to "dial up" a phone number and connect with AOL.Quantum Link grew, and in 1991 changed its name to America Online — and gave the Quantum Link users a lifetime membership in the newly named company. Today, there are still dial-up customers left in mostly remote areas of the country, but the majority use their telephone or cable company to get online.Using the Favorites Plugin (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)Manually Transferring Favorites Moving From an Old Computer to a New One Community Q&A The AOL Favorites is a feature that you can get and use whenever you sign up for an account on AOL.

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