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There is a spark between them but they are taking it slowly. “Voice UK” coach Jones was coy when asked about Priscilla.

He told The Sun: “We have been friends for a long time. We do enjoy our nights out together.” They were seen going for dinner together last month, pulling up at A-list Hollywood restaurant Craig’s in a white Rolls-Royce. She has since been in relationships with actor Mike Edwards, writer Marco Garibaldi and former “Pop Idol” judge Nigel Lythgoe.

“While Robert Kardashian wasn’t a kiss-and-tell kind of guy and stayed below the radar in the years before he became O. Simpson’s well-known mouthpiece, he couldn’t wait to tell his friends that he was involved with the former Mrs.

Presley, a big-time romantic and sexual trophy for him,” Oppenheimer wrote.“Elvis was Robert’s music idol.

She later married and divorced Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner.

According to The tell-all book exposed Kris Jenner for having worked hard, schlepping drinks “up and down a narrow aisle above the clouds” while Robert Kardashian was on “cloud nine” with Priscilla Presley.

“Robert and I knew all the words of Elvis’ songs…then Robert started dating Priscilla and that made him very happy. That was definitely his hope, his plan.”“Priscilla really changed a lot of my brother’s thinking of how he should dress, how he should even drive, and what he should do – and she changed him easily because she was so attractive, and so she had a lot of influence on him,” Thomas told the author.

Meanwhile, Robert attempted to change Priscilla by making her into “his version of a domesticated ‘Armenian housewife,’ ” according to a so-called friend. as often as she could in order to try to win back Kardashian from Priscilla Presley.”Robert and Priscilla’s romance didn’t last long. Robert was said trying to “control” her, and he even “complained to a friend that while he was making love to Priscilla, she would get incoherent phone calls from Elvis ‘and she would put the receiver on the pillow between them and let him listen.’ ”Their romance officially ended after Priscilla said she wouldn’t remarry until Elvis was dead.

She allegedly “once tried to make dinner for Robert because he kept asking her,” but “he hated it. She said that after that meal he never suggested that she make dinner for him again.” Priscilla felt “hurt” and “insulted.”At that time, Kris, now 61, was “threatened by” and jealous of Priscilla, now 72, as the reality TV star was “desperate” to marry Robert, according to her friend. But, Priscilla still “telephoned him and gently told him she loved him” while he was on his deathbed with esophageal cancer.

Priscilla is now taking care of Lisa Marie Presley’s twins in the midst of her daughter’s messy divorce and custody battle with Michael Lockwood.

However, the Kardashian tell-all memoir revealed that Robert apparently “couldn’t wait to tell his friends” about his relationship with Priscilla Presley because she was “a big-time romantic and sexual trophy for him.” Elvis’ ex-wife had a lot of influence over Kardashian, changing his appearance and lifestyle.


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